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Episode #1

at the Montichiari exhibition center in the province of Brescia, this is where the IDS adventure begins in pavilion 6 of the Fiera dell'Elettronica march 9-10

The challenge that turned out to be fascinating and full of breathtaking duels, and in this episode the pilots took shape with the IDS regulation and its race format, immediately giving a show for a large audience and intrigued by these flying objects.

The public's high interest was an excellent symptom of how IDS started its journey well.
Furthermore, the harmony of the participating teams and the technical level of all the riders have shown since the first episode as part of the best that the FPV Italian racing has ventured into this adventure by the name IDS.

Episode# 1 - Standings

1. EMA Blue Eyes Team
2. Andre89 Blue Eyes Team
3. Guiduz92 CiccioZeez
4. Mr Francis CiccioZeez
5. Nico82 Team Blue Eyes
5. Baldex ZeezForty
6. Iena ZeezForty
7. Frengo CiccioZeez
8. Ludiga82 Team Blue Eyes
8. AleFPV Team Blue Eyes
9. RaulFandango Speed Addicted
10. Don Speed Addicted
11. Manero Speed Addicted
13. pmkopter LoneWolf
14. Lullaby BDR Academy
15. Loris LoneWolf
15. Bugbaal Speed Addicted
16. DrPhill BDR Academy
16. Carbontec ZeezForty
17. LorenzoFPV BDR Academy
18. PeppeFPV LoneWolf